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april 4th, 09

this what i would weartoday
today's errand : i have to go to thrift stores to pick up some stuff for work. i would need all things comfortable, comfortable loose dress with legging to free my moves, comfortable bag (it's very important), comfortable all weather shoes.

april 4th, 09
april 4th, 09 by weartoday

this is so very me, this is the dress i would pick in any other store shelves, i love the dull yet bright colours, i love the vintage feel pattern, and i love the loose cut, for what i have to do today, i would really need a comfortable clothing
Tsumori Chisato ; 29,400 JPY ;

you might hardly see this brooch on the set picture but i put it on the dress to add more "colour". you can say that the dress is colourful enough but a little bright pink can still lift the dullness of the whole look. and if i could pick this Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse brooch anytime with no cost at polyvore i definitely do that :)
Louis Vuitton "Graffiti Brooch" ; $405.00 ;

i like to wear legging with dresses, not because they're "in" but because i need my freedom to move, sit in any position without having to worry i might flash my undies LOL and if you think a plain colour legging would be enough, well, not for me
Alexander McQueen "Eiffel Tower Legging" $155.00 ;

a comfortable bag is a must so i can take my time in the thrift shops to pick the right stuffs, i have times when i ended up going home early because my shoulder can't bear the bags that i pick for the day. and as much as i love chanels, the bags won't help me today
Marni "Slouchy Leather Bag" ; $1,780.00 ;
for more info on this bag click here

just like bags, the right shoes is a must for a long shopping day and this ankle boot is perfect for the task
Plantation ; 37,800 JPY ;

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