Sunday, April 5, 2009

april 6th, 09

this what i would weartoday
today's to do : i have to got to fabric store to pick up a material for a skirt and then i'll have them sewn and go back to the office for a fitting. so for today i would pick something comfortable and not requiring lots of effort to think. i add a Chanel bag to uplift the whole casual laidback look so people won't see me like i just got off the bed :p
april 6th, 09
april 6th, 09 by weartoday

a loose tee is perfect for the task today
Style Berry t-shirt ; $25.00 ;

sometimes it's nice to wear shorts, i'm not a shorts kinda gal in person but i always wished i could be one :p
i just don't feel comfortable wearing shorts unless i'm at the beach or home
Sass & Bide "Atom of Loved denim shorts" ; $195.00 ;

always love this kind of accessories :)
Marquis & Camus Collection by Sarah kang ; $265.00 ;

in real life i always feel my short upper body don't fit to wear short jacket like this, this is a lesson learnt from buying a cropped jacket when i was in junior high but i always liked to be able to wear one well. so this is a chance for me LOL
Zoe Damin Jacket ;

i like to wear beanie, especially to cover up my unbrushed long black hair :p
Topshop "Waffle Beanie Hat" ; 8.00 GBP

usually they just stay in my bag, i don't really like to wear them unless it's really bright
vintage collection Mini 55mm Aviator Sunglasses 1372 ; $10 ;

Louis Vuitton "Heart Charm" ; $4,340.00 ;

Chanel "Vintage Flap" ; $1,975.00 ;

i just LOVE sandals
Coach "Gerallyn Sandal" ; $300.00 ;

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